Practical Ways to Fight Individualism

Within my first blog on Isaiah,[1] I posted that individualism is often one of the major forces behind our lackluster response to injustice. After posting that blog, as well as after many conversations with others about this topic, some good questions arose. For example: “Why is individualism so bad?” “Isn’t salvation, ultimately, between an individual … Continue reading Practical Ways to Fight Individualism

Trusting God in this Age of “New Magic”

More and more frequently I have been seeing videos and social media posts passed around in Christian circles that claim to contain “prophecy” concerning the coronavirus. For example, the 700 club’s recent videos contain “prophecies” that a divinely directed cure is being developed in Israel[1] as well as a “word” that this virus was created … Continue reading Trusting God in this Age of “New Magic”

What’s a “Hedge of Protection?”

There are certain phrases in the Christian vocabulary that, while normal to believers, are head-scratchers for unbelievers. For example: “traveling mercies.” Camp or spiritual “high.” Doing “life together.” Inviting Jesus “into your heart.” Those of us who are familiar with western Christian culture have likely assimilated these phrases into our religious word-stock and don’t even … Continue reading What’s a “Hedge of Protection?”

Are people removing scripture from the Bible?

While it is not typically asked in such an “on the nose” way, this question has come up frequently. Are the translation committees that are tasked with creating new versions of the English Bible purposefully removing sections of scripture? If you spend any time on Facebook, you might have seen memes that claim such a … Continue reading Are people removing scripture from the Bible?