Freedom, Face Masks and Matthew 5:41

Becoming a Christian is the act of giving up of one’s rights in order to become a slave to Christ. It’s the putting to death everything that isn’t Jesus in order to embrace the fullness of what Jesus offers. It’s the giving up of all power by submitting to the One who truly holds all... Continue Reading →

Justifying Hatred

“Hating is something of which to be ashamed unless it provides for us a form of validation and prestige. If either is provided, then the immoral or amoral character of hatred is transformed into positive violence.”[1] This was written by Howard Thurman in the context of the second world war. On the basis of nationalism,... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of Change

Here’s an edited manuscript of the sermon I delivered at Word of Life Baptist Church on July 5th, 2020. I have removed the introduction and a few other parts here and there as they didn’t lend themselves to this blog format. If you’d rather listen to this sermon than read it, you can find the... Continue Reading →

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