Hey! My name is Colby, and I’m a Christian serving in in full-time ministry.

I process information best by writing things down. When I type something out, or write something in a journal, it helps me understand it better. And I think it’s the duty of pastors to be life-long-learners. That’s primarily why this blog exists. It is a way for me to think critically about scripture, theology, and my inherited culture. The “public” nature of this medium helps keep me accountable to life-long-learning.

I also have a heart for teaching others the Bible. Whether it be teenagers, children, or adults, I think that a proper understanding of scripture is so important. That’s where the title of this blog comes from. My hope is that I am one day able to take the complexity of scripture and “simplify” it so that any audience could understand. I’m not there yet.

The opinions that I share on this site are heuristic.

I am always trying to reform and conform my understanding to better be in line with God’s truth. So, if you see something you disagree with, that might be why. And if you see something that seems extra fiery or harsh, know that I’m writing that against myself, not you. My goal is not to change your thoughts or opinions, only my own. But if something does spark your interest, comment, and let’s have a conversation about it!

If you have a question or a topic that you’d like me to tackle, feel free to email it to me here: chetcel@gmail.com